Established in 1965, the Free Legal Aid Clinic (FLAC) provides legal 
assistance to low income and elderly residents of Wayne County in the areas of Family Law and Elder Law.

    The Clinic focuses on assisting victims of domestic violence, elder abuse or those who experience great barriers to justice. FLAC is staffed by Wayne State University Law School students who provide legal services under the supervision of licensed attorneys, pursuant to Michigan Court Rule 8.120.

    In addition, if you are experiencing a legal issue that is NOT Family Law or Elder Law related, or are NOT a resident of Wayne County, feel free to contact our office for referral resources, or try 
our resources page.

5425 Woodward Avenue - Detroit, MI 48202

(313) 833-0058

Upcoming Events:
  • The FLAC Annual is Friday April 4 from 6PM to 10PM. For more information, check our Events page.