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The Free Legal Aid Clinic has proudly served the Detroit community for over 50 years. Read about our mission statement, history, and students.

The Free Legal Aid Clinic is partnered with Lakeshore Legal Aid and Neighborhood Legal Services Michigan.

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Mission Statement

To operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes as a non-profit entity under §501(c)(3) of the current version of the Internal Revenue Code, or comparable provisions of subsequent legislation ("the Code"). Generally, the purpose of the corporation is to acquire, lease, rent, purpose, and hold any real or personal property to carry out the primary purposes of this corporation. The corporation's first primary purpose is to render legal assistance to low-income and indigent residents or elderly residents of Wayne County, Michigan. Members of the corporation may only render legal assistance in accordance with the Michigan Court Rules, other applicable State Laws, and the Laws of the Federal Government. The second primary purpose of this corporation is to aid in the education and practical training of law students.