Elder Law Issues

The Counsel and Advocacy Law Line (CALL)

(888) 783-7024

CALL provides legal advice over the phone and free of charge on a wide range of issues.

Court forms

Complaint forms, Fee Waivers, and other forms can be found on the Third Circuit Court Website and MichiganLegalHelp.org.

Legal Aid Organizations

Elder Law and Advocacy Center

Seniors Age 60+ in Wayne County

(313) 937-8291

Hannan House

Intakes by appointment only

(313) 833-1300 ext. 15

Macomb County Legal

Seniors in Macomb County

(586) 469-6406

Oakland County Legal

Seniors in Oakland County

(248) 569-9658

Adult Protective Services

Elder Abuse, Financial Exploitation

(877) 963-6006

Detroit Mercy Legal Aid Clinic

Debts, Mortgages, Past Due Medical Bills, SS/SSI Benefits if 50+

(313) 596-0262

Detroit Legal Services

Estate Planning, Contract Disputes, Employment Discrimination, Workman's Compensation, Bankruptcy, Criminal Law, SSD

(800) 715-2088

Michigan Protection and Advocacy

Senior Citizens, Disability

(800) 414-3956

Great Lakes Legal

Child/Family Law, Guardianship, Housing Resources, Utilities, Immigration, Disability

(313) 874-5820

Lakeshore Legal Aid

General Issues (outside of Wayne County)

(888) 783-8190


All legal issues

Michigan State Bar Referral Hotline

Phone Consultations for $30

(800) 968-0738

Michigan State College of Law Housing Clinic

Landlord/Tenant, serves all of Michigan—free legal advice over the phone

(517) 336-8088 option 2

Low income taxpayer matters: liens, collection due process hearings, appeals, etc.

(517) 336-8088 option 4

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