Elder Law Issues

The Counsel and Advocacy Law Line (CALL) - (888) 783-7024

CALL provides legal advice over the phone and free of charge on a wide range of issues.

Court forms (Complaint forms, Fee Waivers, etc.) can be found on the Third Circuit Court Website and MichiganLegalHelp.org.

Elder Law and Advocacy Center

Age 60+

(313) 937-8291

Hannan House

Elder Law - intakes by appointment only

(313) 833-1300 ext. 15

Macomb County Legal

Seniors in Macomb County

(586) 469-6406

Oakland County Legal

Seniors in Oakland County

(248) 569-9658

Adult Protective Services

Elder Abuse, Financial Exploitation

(877) 963-6006

Detroit Mercy Legal Aid Clinic

Debts, Mortgages, Past Due Medical Bills, SS/SSI Benefits if 50+

(313) 596-0262

Detroit Legal Services

Estate Planning, Contract Disputes, Employment Discrimination, Workman's Compensation, Bankruptcy, Criminal Law, SSD

(800) 715-2088

Michigan Protection and Advocacy

Senior Citizens, Disability

(800) 414-3956

Great Lakes Legal

Child/Family Law, Guardianship, Housing Resources, Utilities, Immigration, Disability

(313) 874-5820

Lakeshore Legal Aid

General Issues (outside of Wayne County)

(888) 783-8190


All legal issues

Michigan State Bar Referral Hotline

Phone Consultations for $30

(800) 968-0738

Michigan State College of Law Housing Clinic

Landlord/Tenant, serves all of Michigan—free legal advice over the phone

(517) 336-8088 option 2

Low income taxpayer matters: liens, collection due process hearings, appeals, etc.

(517) 336-8088 option 4

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